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A Bescherelle is a French language grammar reference book best known for its verb conjugations volumes. It is named in honour of the 19th-century French lexicographer and grammarian Louis-Nicolas Bescherelle (and perhaps his brother Henri Bescherelle). It is often used as a general term, but the "Collection Bescherelle" is in fact a brand name, used by Éditions Hatier for Metropolitan French, and also by Éditions Hurtubise for Canadian French.

An angry buyer said in this review "Most of the main words in Bescherelle are missing..."


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Tracy Proctor-brown says

"I have used World of Books on a regular basis. Always excellent service and prices on books. Covid 19 has hit and with that they have upped their prices ridiculously, very disappointed"

Adrian Berry says

"Ordered a 2-volume dictionary. Quite pricey. They only sent volume 1. No phone number to contact. Really, really poor."

Jo Mosley says

"I have used works of books many times and to date received good service. I recently ordered a vintage penguin copy of The Garden Party, condition was described and a photo of the book provided, I was charged twice and what arrived was TWO copies of the modern classic version, which you can pick up anywhere for a fraction of the price. When I queried this I was told the fine print says and copy and edition can be provided and the photo doesn’t relate to your purchase and you can return for a refund but you have to pay for the postage - what a scam charging vintage prices for run of the mill second hand copies and you paying to rectify their scam - needless to say I won’t be using again!"

Jarmila and Jamie Munro says

"World of books did well I guess but I received the dirty book (with bits of food still on it). I also thought I was getting the full book for the price and not just A tiny taste.. My overall experience is that it felt a bit misleading, expensive and not a serious attitute really (sending it dirty). I don't think I'll be buying here again."

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